Why do you think your email marketing campaigns fail?

Why do you think your email marketing campaigns fail?

Have you ever wondered what you might have been doing wrong and your marketing efforts don’t bring you the desirable results?

Having been helping freelance translators and interpreters since 2016 to attract high-quality clients and build their profitable businesses;

I know that most of the times 2 are the main mistakes -if we can say- that most translators and interpreters make when it comes to email marketing or LinkedIn prospecting.


Have you been receiving answers such as
“We don’t translate into your language” or
“We don’t need your services” or
“This country is not our target market”

Then, you most probably haven’t taken the time that is needed to make a research beforehand and compile a client-list that will include companies that they need your services!


Have you been contacting clients on LinkedIn but you don’t get any replies?

Then, most probably you don’t know what to write to those people and you are using general messages that they don’t convert.

Which of those two most common issues have you been dealing with?

Let me know

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