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“There is no problem without a solution, if there is no solution then this is not a problem”

Virginia Katsimpiri, PhDc, is a certified translator & business strategist with over 15 years of experience. Holding an ΜA in translation and an executive MBA in client acquisition strategies, she has helped hundreds of freelance translators & interpreters worldwide attract international clients and rapidly build their profitable business through her mentoring programs.

Virginia is the creator of the Fully Booked Translator Formula & the Ultimate LinkedIn Prospecting System, the first comprehensive, results-oriented Business Mentoring Programs for Language Professionals. She is also the founder of the Ask Your Mentor Anything initiative; a virtual live show where she and other experts discuss translation business-related issues on a weekly basis. Virginia teaches translator mentoring methods and provides seminars, webinars and eBooks such as “60 Ways To Get Clients As a Translator”. She gives talks at the biggest international conferences of the industry and has appeared in numerous online publications, podcasts and marketing shows. Currently Virginia studies translators/interpreters’ business performance at a PhD level and runs two businesses: www.vtranslations.gr & www.vmentoring.com.

Ebook Testimonials

Marita Kretschmann, Specialist language service for the business, marketing and tourism sector

Hello Virginia,
Thank you very much for your Ebook! I just finished reading it and I think it is awesome! Your Ebook shares very good content and useful ideas for translators like me, who are standing right at the beginning with their business. I must say: I am glad I found you! I also had a look onto your website and recognised that you are offering courses regarding linkedin strategies.
Hope to keep in touch with you as your business looks deeply interesting.
Stay safe, kind regards

Jose Ángel Jiménez González, Traductor de inglés a español

Thank you for making a comprehensive and compact "to-do list" for every aspiring translator.
This should be like the 10 commandments (or rather, 60) for all translators who are struggling to find clients, or even those who are at university. Sadly, no teachers or mentors would give us these tips. It's always the students who have to appeal to professionals online.
Thankfully, we have translators like you who are so committed to help others to thrive. Again, thank you. I'll keep an eye on whatever you've got stored for us!

Jose, Translator

Thank you for this ebook, Virginia. To have some of your tremendous knowledge on a document is priceless.
Allow me to say that you're a role model for me personally, and for every translator who is starting out in this ever-changing market. I've been following every article, video and any form of content you have made and it has been extremely helpful.
I've been struggling for the last 5 months to find my real first client and I'm sure I'll end up finding what I strive for. Thanks again, I'll give you my feedback as soon as I take a good look at the ebook.

Ombeni Aaron

Thank you so much for sharing this ideal book. It’s my hope it will be of great help to increase my client-base as I am striving day and night to reach out to as many individual, corporate clients as possible. You’re such a kind person, Virginia.