Leverage your LinkedIn strategy to set you up for a profitable September

LinkedIn Summer School: Leverage your LinkedIn strategy in 4 weeks

Is August a slow month for you? I totally get it.

Lots of us take leave and check out until September.

Not me though!

As I will be:

  1. Running my Ultimate LinkedIn Prospecting System 3-month group coaching program for language professionals.
  2. Supporting my Annual Mastermind Alumni Group with monthly challenges and live calls.
  3. Running the LinkedIn Summer School with ProZ.com

AUGUST is a good time to take a break, recharge your batteries and get ready for the critical period up to the end of the year.

It is also a great month to learn something new and get ahead on LinkedIn.

Do you know why?

During August most LinkedIn users take a break and stop posting.

There is less activity on LinkedIn; which gives you an opportunity to benefit from the lack of noise.

It’s great time to get ahead and build out your network, grow your audience and get your name out there.

You can gain ground whilst many are taking a break.

Here are some quick tips:
  • Post at least 3 times per week. Same time, same days. Use your own tone of voice.
  • Alternate between sharing something personal, promotional and educational for your ideal clients (always providing value).
  • Comments are content too, engage with your target audience 4-5 comments per day under your prospects’ posts.
  • Use 3 hashtags that your ideal client follows. Avoid using hashtags about translation or our industry, you will attract colleagues and even competitors.

Consistency is the key; you’ll break through the noise and build up your own network.

You’ll start to see more views to your profile, more connections requests, followers and engagement. Steady progress is good and what you want.

  • More potential clients will see your content
  • More prospects will know who you are
  • More leads will be following you
  • More potential clients will know how you can help them
Do you hate content creation? Do you find it time-consuming?

Would you like to learn a process that will help you to attract inbound leads anytime?

Without you actively doing anything by just adding the right keywords on your profile and optimizing in such a way that builds your authority and set you as the go-to-expert?

Would you like to create and leverage your LinkedIn strategy to be able to contact 100 leads in a week on a weekly basis? You will be set up for September!

A powerful LinkedIn profile will allow you to educate clients about who you are, what you do and the value you can bring.

Speaking of which, would you like to get high-quality leads on a consistent basis from your LinkedIn account?

I’m running my Leverage Your LinkedIn Strategy in 4-Weeks Summer School with ProZ.com this month.

During this LinkedIn Strategy Summer School I will show you my proven process to leverage your strategy, build your connections with your messages and optimize your LinkedIn profile to get high-quality leads on a weekly basis.

Having been a 15+ years certified translator and a 6-figure business owner, while having managed to contact 9,130 clients the last three months in a targeted way; I gathered all the tools, tactics, strategies I have been using about and I am ready to share everything with you the next four weeks.

Are you ready to learn automation tools & tricks that no one has ever taught you before?

If your language business would benefit from getting a steady flow of high-quality leads and clients from LinkedIn, month after month without using any aggressive sales methods, then this 4-week course is for you: LEVERAGE YOUR LINKEDIN STRATEGY IN 4 WEEKS.

If you’ve never joined any of my programs before, you are in for a treat.
I don’t create courses, I create results!

I work with you to get the results; I invest in you own success. I will be there to help you along the way as it is a hands-on results-oriented implementation program.

Nothing happens unless you make it happen.

We officially start next week on August 8th with weekly assignments and coaching calls.

If you have more questions you can send me an email at info@vmentoring.com and I will answer it personally.

See you inside,



P.S. if you’d like more personalized support to create the business and life YOU deserve, I’d love to help you!

I will be accepting 3 language professionals in my 1:1 business mentoring program who would like to double their income and create the dream life by creating a profitable language business and even reaching 10k months working from home.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Attract high-quality leads and clients on a consistent basis in 10’ min a day
  • Have consistently high revenue and good profitability so you never need to worry about money again
  • Work in your zone of genius and let other people take care of the rest
  • And reach 10K months like so many other colleagues I have worked with so far…

This is not a course, it’s a personalized mentoring program tailored to your needs.

Let’s make the most out of the last part of the year by working together, setting you up for success by the end of 2022. You’ll receive personalized mentoring support, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Let’s have a chat about you and your business! Book your free call HERE or send me an email at info@vmentoring.com to receive more info.