3 secrets to getting translation clients on demand every single day

Brand new free masterclass for translators and interpreters

“Master your LinkedIn sales: 3 secrets to getting clients on demand every single day.”

Learn how to build and scale your translation & interpreting business through LinkedIn and become fully-booked in less than 3 months.

“I have sent 200 emails and no one is getting back to me”

“I have been contacting clients on LinkedIn but I get 0 sales”

“I have been posting online content but I get engagement only from colleagues”

Does this sound familiar? Most translators and interpreters have those problems when they come to me.

So, I created a process to help you get high-quality leads and clients online without extra budget on a consistent basis.

And if you are confused by all the advice on how to market your business online, and fed up of wasting your time and energy on promises of huge returns that don’t deliver;

Then I totally get where you are at.

I’ve been working with language professionals, just like you, for several years, teaching them a simple and proven process for gaining high-quality leads through Linkedin in just a few days. This process often leads them to 10K months working from home.

The best part is that no ads, no complicated funnels and no tech apps are required to get this process working – just simple relationship building skills that help you naturally connect with your ideal client,

And on May 12 I’m running my Master Your LinkedIn Sales Masterclass: 3 Secrets To Getting Clients On Demand Every Single Day.

This Masterclass will get you started with attracting high-quality leads through Linkedin.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes translators & interpreters make that stop them growing their business
    Key mistakes to avoid in your marketing strategy to make it thrive over the long-term.
  • My proven outbound approach
    How to create and leverage your strategy to consistently getting clients on demand every single day through LinkedIn – How to turn cold prospects into paid clients.
  • My inbound lead generation approach
    How to become fully booked, the most powerful formula for generating B2B leads, clients, & sales. The best way to get tons of your ideal clients to contact you wanting to work with you
  • How to rapidly become the go-to expert
    How to create a compelling marketing strategy that builds your authority and credibility in your field by sharing compelling content online
  • Making a mindset shift to become fully-booked
    How you see yourself and where you are will have a direct impact on how much you grow your business

So make sure you click this link to register now: https://vmentoring.com/linkedin-masterclass

xoxo Virginia