The Ultimate LinkedIn Prospecting System 12 week Group Coaching for Language Professionals

Generate more leads – LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter.

The first comprehensive results-oriented LinkedIn coaching program for language professionals.


As a starting out translator you most probably do not have enough clients, a steady workflow and income and you are not sure about who you want to work with, what your niche is, or specialisation should be.

On the other hand, as an established translator you most probably either you have hit your income ceiling, you are frustrated by what the agencies you work with are willing to pay you, or you would like to be able to work with high calibre clients directly, where you can charge more but don’t know how to attract these clients online.

You have been trying many different marketing strategies, you have contacted numerous potential clients, you have sent hundreds of emails without any results.

You need to stop trying to do it all!



Whether you are just starting out or want to take your translation business to the next level, I can help you.

Please note that it is possible to find the right steps to take on LinkedIn that will provide the best results for your particular business.

I have helped hundreds Freelance Translators worldwide to rapidly gain clients and build their profitable businesses with my Mentoring Programs.

Here is what you need to know:

There are two things you need to make your business work:
Having the right mindset and taking consistent action.

I can tell you this because this is what I’ve done to get my business to where it is today. I’ve double and triple my income over the last 6 years.

When I first started out as a translator I was where you are too.

Taking consistent action doesn’t mean that you have to do everything. There are so many ways to market your services but you cannot do all of them. The key is to strategically select the things you will work on at any one time.

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to do so, not only because is a business network where your ideal clients are but also because of GDPR here in Europe many other marketing strategies such as email marketing, do not work any more.

Might sound surprisingly , but by bringing more structure, setting clear goals, limits to your efforts by niching down will give more freedom and better results!

I tried many different methods. By trial and error, I learned what works. I had turnarounds moments in my career as well. Months where my income didn’t come close to the previous month. What I learned from those moments was that my mindset was keeping me from sustaining my growth.

Surrounding ourselves with others who are succeeding and working through our limiting beliefs is the key solution that will lead us to the success we want to achieve. This is possible for all of you too, when you have the right people around you and continue to take action.

I want to save you time by working with you the LinkedIn strategies that have led me to 5-figure months. 

You’ll move forward and see results in your life and business when you first know where you are, what you want and HOW TO GET THERE.

PLUS, there are proven strategies and tools that you can implement on LinkedIn that can lead you on contacting more than 150 prospects a day! Can you imagine that?

This program is for you if

You are a starting out translator with no LinkedIn experience and you still struggle with getting clients online and having a stable income.

You are a LinkedIn experienced translator but you want to take the next step and master your knowledge on LinkedIn expanding your business to new markets.

You are an experienced translator being in the business for 10+years but you want to take the next step and master your LinkedIn profile & prospecting strategy to find better paying clients.

You are a LinkedIn experienced translator but you want to master the Sales Navigator features and learn automation processes to save time for you and your beloved ones.

Here’s how this coaching program with me can help you:

  • You will have a clear idea of where your business stands and you will set goals that we start achieving within the first 3 weeks.
  • You will have a defined ideal client persona to target from week 1 and will finally understand exactly who your ideal client is and immerse yourself in their niche circles and provide them with the work they’ve been looking for.
  • You will have clarity on your specialization and you will define a deeper niche and audience to pursue.
  • You will launch a LinkedIn prospecting strategy with clear action steps to stop bidding for jobs and chasing payments…and instead get a fully booked translation business and hand-pick your work from a selection of rewarding projects.
  • You will finally have a LinkedIn Profile that positions you as a high-value expert, and delivers real value to your audience.
  • You will set profitable rates that allow you to have more time to translate well and spend less time and energy in business tasks that you don’t like doing.
  • You will know how to create a LinkedIn Profile that’s powerful, draws clients to you, and doesn’t suck away all of your time.
  • You will no longer feel the imposter syndrome: you’ll feel confident in client calls and in the value you offer them as a specialized expert.
  • You will have a systematic LinkedIn outbound marketing process in place to attract high-calibre clients so that you can make the income you desire while working on jobs you love and do well.
  • You will finally understand exactly how LinkedIn algorithm works and become a master of the LinkedIn search button hacks.
  • You will get the clients you’ve always heard about but weren’t sure really existed: ones who pay quickly and without complaints, who respect the translation process, and who are fully aligned with your values.
  • You will learn the LinkedIn systems that scaling entrepreneurs use to automate processes, increase productivity and spend more time doing what they love.
  • You will grow your business into more than a side-hustle or translation gig and become a respected and go-to entrepreneur.
  • You will overcome any mindset blocks that have been holding you back from attracting clients on LinkedIn and charging your worth.

We will create a personalized strategy according to your needs
By the end of the program, you will have achieved the goals we have set together

Here’s how this program is delivered…

  • 6 Weekly training sessions with Virginia Katsimpiri delivered online that will guide you step by step through our proven process, we identify the needs, set specific goals and create a plan to implement them.
  • 6 Weekly Q&A sessions with Virginia Katsimpiri delivered online that will give you the chance to get personal feedback on your work, network and brainstorm with the other members.
  • Weekly Implementation Tasks with Virginia where you can implement your tasks, whilst having Virginia on hand in case you have questions
  • Weekly Checklist & Accountability to help you keep you on track with taking action each day and achieving your goals
  • Support via a Dedicated Private Support Group where you can post questions at any time during the three months and receive support as well as connect with other mentees.

What you’ll receive on this program is…

  • GROUP COACHING SESSIONS – 12 weeks of LIVE HOURLY TRAINING AND Q&A SESSIONS that will support, guide and hold your hand as you make decisions and take actions that will lead you to attract clients you love working with on LinkedIn.
  • 1:1 ACCOUNTABILITY – You will be supported so you don’t fall behind and get stuck, and you will be encouraged and held accountable so you take the actions you need to take to see the results you want on LinkedIn.
  • SUPPORT GROUP – With other colleagues in this program, you’ll receive the attention, support and advice you need.
  • HIGH QUALITY COACHING – Please note that over 90% of my mentees get fully booked before the end of the program. If you prefer not to complete programs then this program is not for you!

Without a specific strategy tailored to your needs, you won't stay in business long. Here's why taking action now is vital!

This is a great investment for you and your business if you consider that:
  • You will learn from a colleague who did it and doubled & tripled her income in a few years’ time.
  • You will be part of a great online community with like-minded colleagues
  • You will be able to double your income and why not reach the 5-figure months
  • You will get answers to all of your questions you might have in your mind about LinkedIn

If you want to learn everything I know about LinkedIn, avoid the mistakes I made and you’re serious about building a successful business using a proven LinkedIn prospecting strategy, then this Program is for you.

FAQ about The Ultimate LinkedIn Prospecting System Group Coaching Program

In this Program you’ll have the chance to get feedback from other colleagues as well and to become part of a mastermind online community. Also, this program is more affordable as my 1:1 mentoring program costs € 1,500-1,800 / 6-sessions. If you need more help, you can book a discovery call with me HERE find out which program would be best for you.

The discount applies to those who purchase the program upfront instead of choosing the payment plan. There is in total a discount as it is the first Launch and would like to make it more affordable due to the coronavirus that affected most people’s work.

My aim is to take place in Group depending on the number of people will apply and to create a mastermind Group depending on your needs. I will be able to give you more details as soon as I get some information of the participants background. For that reason you will be sent a questionnaire with simple questions about your background.

Have you even done mentoring? It will be a mentoring in zoom online and the aim is to take you through my process which will help you create your one strategy step-by-step, i.e. setting up specific goals to achieve, identifying our target market and where we can find our ideal clients, then we choose one or two client-acquisition strategies and we start implementing them so as to get the results we want. We will go through your marketing materials, CV, Cover Letter, etc., we’ll create your prospects list and so on. Let me know if you need more information.

One week is the implementation session where we set the next steps and the next week the Q&A Session where you have the chance to ask any questions you might have and get feedback on your work.

Through the mentoring sessions, with specific questions and tools I have created for this process.

That is why I created this Program the aim is to create a personalized strategy and plan according to your needs and receive feedback of course.

Yes, the last Program officially started the week September 14th. Contact us at info@vmentoring.com to find out the next launch date.

On zoom. All sessions will take place online.

There will be recordings for all sessions.

Yes, that is the point of the mentoring to help you by providing you personalized feedback on your work.

Yes, this is a Group Mentoring Program, you receive specific instructions to follow, actions to take and you receive feedback on your work. You receive support and you have an accountability partner during the whole process. The sessions are Live, but there will also be recordings.

There is no such prediction. So if you want to be sure you can participate then I suggest you join us now or send us an email at info@vmentoring.com.

This is not a DIY course, it is a mentoring program you get answers to all of your questions, you are taught a process that you are able to implement whenever is needed. The main difference is the fact that you receive personalized feedback.

Of course, the whole process is specially designed to help get off the ground. I had in mind starting out translators when I created this Program even if I took it one step further so as to help more experienced translators who want to scale up. Additionally, I am willing to provide 1:1 sessions when needed to help you keep in pace with the others.

Thank you for reaching out and for your kind words. I understand your point of view, but I think if someone could teach me how to earn 5-figure months, I wouldn’t find it expensive to pay the monthly installments or the early bird price. It is a matter of perspective of course. I am so happy that the participants who already purchased this program didn’t share the same opinion but appreciated the value I am going to share with them during the program; which for me is priceless.

Of course! This Program is flexible regarding the content we are going to share as it is tailored to the participants’ needs. We will go through the website creation and its content, but this is not a perquisite to apply for this Program. There is going to be a whole training and session about LinkedIn and how to use it to prospect 150 potential clients per day.

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