Starting out as a Translator 1:1 Mentoring Program


6 Sessions | 6-Week Program

6 Weekly 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Virginia Katsimpiri delivered online that will guide you step by step through our proven process, in which we identify your needs, set specific goals and create a plan to implement them.



MENTOR TO TRANSLATORS > Backed by 13+ years of translation expertise, I help freelance translators attract international clients and rapidly build a profitable business.

STARTING OUT TRANSLATORS > Typically, translators just starting out come to me because they do not have enough clients and are not sure about who they want to work with, what their niche is, or what their specialization should be.

This program is for you if

You have just graduated, and you need guidance on how to become a professional translator

You have been a translator for 1-2 years but you do not know how to become specialized, to select your niche

You have been a translator for less than 3-4 years but you still struggle with getting clients and having a stable income

Here's how mentoring with me can help you:

  • You will have a clear idea of where your business stands and you will set goals that we start achieving within the first 3 weeks.
  • You will have a defined ideal client persona to target from day 1.
  • You will have clarity on your specialization and you will define a deeper niche and audience to pursue.
  • You will create a CV and cover letter that highlights your value even if you don’t have much experience yet.
  • You will build long-lasting relationships with great clients that help catapult your career.
  • You will launch a strategy with clear action steps to stop trying to piece together all the how-to blog posts and Facebook Group tips…and instead know exactly what YOU should do to launch your unique translation business.
  •  You will create marketing material that is easy to repurpose across channels and positions you as a valuable asset.
  • You will set fair rates that reflect your ability and provide your clients with the most value while setting yourself up for future growth.
  • You will know how to create an online and social media presence that’s powerful, draws clients to you, and doesn’t suck away all of your time.
  • You will gain confidence as a freelancer and know that you’re taking the right steps to launch a successful business and truly help your clients get what they need.
  • You will get your first dream client: one who pays quickly, respects the translation process, and is fully aligned with your values.
  • You will elevate your mindset to attract passionate clients who see translation as an investment, not a cost.
  • You will grow your business into more than a side-hustle or translation gig and become a respected and go-to entrepreneur.

We’ll create a personalized strategy according to your needs
By the end of the program, you’ll have achieved the goals we have set together

Here’s how this program is delivered…

  • 6 Weekly 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Virginia Katsimpiri delivered online that will guide you step by step through our proven process, in which we identify your needs, set specific goals and create a plan to implement them.
  • Regular Implementation Tasks with Virginia where you can implement your tasks, while having Virginia on hand in case you have questions.
  • Daily Checklist & Accountability to help keep you on track with your daily action steps and achieving your goals.
  • Support via a Dedicated Private Support Group where you can post questions at any time during the three months and receive support as well as connect with other mentees.

What you’ll receive on this program is…

  • MENTORING SESSIONS – 6 ONE-TO-ONE WEEKLY MENTORING SESSIONS for support, guidance and handholding as you make decisions and take actions that will lead you to attract clients you love working with.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – You will be supported so you don’t fall behind and get stuck, and you will be encouraged and held accountable so you take the actions you need to take to attract clients you love working with.
  • INTIMATE GROUP – Starting out translators receive the attention, support and advice you need on a regular basis.
  • HIGH QUALITY MENTORING – Please note that over 90% of my mentees complete our mentoring program (industry standard is 10%). If you want a program that holds you accountable to finish, this is for you!

Over 90% of mentees successfully complete our programs, so if you prefer not to make progress with launching your translation business then this group program is not for you!


Depending on your situation, you get the online training material that you need, for FREE

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