Grow your freelance language business with 7 client acquisition strategies

A three-part in-depth training course
Are you worried about the future? Wondering how to keep your business sustainable in changing times? You can improve your business and develop personalized strategies for the future with Virginia Katsimpiri.



Developed and presented by a star MBA graduate and experienced mentor, this intensive three-part course will help you build and strengthen your client base with proven client acquisition strategies.

In this results-oriented training, you will learn how to acquire and keep your ideal customers through seven self-promotion strategies. You will also receive three worksheets to work on your personalized Strategy Plan with clear action steps, tailored to your needs.

The goal of this course is for you to

Gain inspiration

Learn proven strategies that will help you attract clients

Be held accountable for the tasks you need to complete to move to the next level

Create a strategy plan

Change/elevate your mindset

Become a better entrepreneur

A business owner who wants to build a consistent, profitable business that gives you financial freedom and a lifestyle on your own terms.

New translator/language professional entering the translation market who wants to create and expand their client list.

A freelancer who wants to take the next step and explore new local or international markets doing what they love while managing their businesses.


In my experience, translators often struggle with

Creating their marketing material (CV, cover letter, USP, website content etc.)

Setting clear and specific goals

Figuring out their specialization and niche

 Finding their first client

Getting more or better paying clients

Negotiating their rates

Expanding their client list

Reaching foreign markets

Approaching direct clients etc.


You will learn how to acquire and keep your ideal customers, gain more self-confidence and expand your business.

~ Based on the stage of your career ~

  • You will level up your translation business and set clear goals that I’ll help you start achieving within 3 weeks.
  • You will have a systematic process in place to attract high-calibre clients so that you can make the income you desire while working on jobs you love and do well.
  • You will have a defined ideal client persona to target from day 1.
  • You will have clarity on what to specialize in, and define the right niche and audience to pursue.
  • You will know where you need to improve and what areas require growth to attain sustainable, recurring monthly income from a flow of high-calibre clients.
  • You will be more confident all around: on client calls, during work, responding to feedback and advising clients on their linguistic issues.
  • You will overcome any mindset blocks that have been holding you back from attracting clients and charging your worth.
  • You will become a better entrepreneur with productive systems and processes for spending more time doing what you love and less time doing mandatory business tasks.
  • You will grow your business into more than a side-hustle or translation gig and become a respected and go-to entrepreneur.
  • You will get the clients you’ve always heard about weren’t sure really existed: ones who pay quickly and without complaints, who respect the translation process, and who are fully aligned with your values.

Does this resonate with you? My Mentoring Program will help move your translation business forward.

Course Overview

Lesson 1
  • Self-promotion Client Acquisition Strategies (overview)
  • Direct Outreach
  • Networking
Lesson 2
  • Referral Building
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing and Publicity
Lesson 3
  • Promotional Events/ Advertising
  • Web Strategy: Building Your Social Media Platform [FB, Twitter, LinkedIn]
  • Inbound Marketing


Know exactly what steps to take to grow your translation business like an entrepreneur, attract clients that give you sustainable and recurring monthly income from jobs you love doing, and feel confident in your ability to continue growing your business.

  • Business owners who want to build a consistent, profitable business that gives them financial freedom and a lifestyle on their own terms.
  • Newbies entering the translation market who want to create and expand their client list.
  • Freelancers who want to take the next step and explore new local or international markets doing what they love while managing their businesses.


Over 90% of students successfully complete our programs, so if you prefer not to make progress with launching your coaching business then this group program is not for you.

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