Together we stand: stories of successful cooperation among freelance translators with Martina Eco

Cooperation among freelance translators is crucial to ensure the growth and health of our industry. When translators put competition aside and cooperate, they can add enormous value to the industry as a whole, including other freelancers, LSPs and the end clients. Through cooperation, experienced translators can help the new generations avoid mistakes that can impact the whole industry, such as underselling their services. Through cooperation, freelancers can offer better solutions to LSPs and direct clients by teaming up and/or referring trusted colleagues when complex, multilingual projects arise. Through cooperation, translators can protect themselves against scammers and non-payers, and at the same time help grow the reputation of good LSPs and clients. Through cooperation, translators can get out of a slump and get new business thanks to referrals and recommendations from colleagues. During this talk based on experience and primary research, Martina Eco and Virginia Katsimpiri, who regularly work on projects together despite living 2000 miles apart, will talk about their stories of successful cooperation with other freelancers, and how cooperation has positively impacted their business and their personal lives.