The Ultimate Linkedin Prospecting System

Date: March 1 – June 1, 2021


Title: The Ultimate Linkedin Prospecting System

Description: Did you know that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than any other online platform?
Stop using linkedin as a CV and transform it inro a lead generation machine.

If you’re like most beginner translators, you most likely:

  • Struggle to find clients that don’t negotiate over pennies with you
  • Are experimenting with your specialization
  • Are not sure how to position yourself as an expert
  • Dream of working with a client who cares about the translation enough to invest in it, rather than one who just wants to churn volume
  • Haven’t run a business before and don’t know the basics of online prospecting and sales—after all, what you like doing is translating.

If you’ve been in the profession for a while, and you feel:

  • Frustrated with clients who just don’t understand what a good translation takes
  • Like you’ve hit your income ceiling, and you don’t know if “up” is a realistic direction for you
  • Tired of complicated payment portals, long payment terms and chasing late payers
  • Suspicious about other translators who talk about high-paying dream clients who praise their work, pay quickly and don’t question their rates
  • Lost about where to find clients who value translation enough to invest in it.