PODCAST Episode 63: how to leverage the power of LinkedIn with Virginia Katsimpiri Hosted by Proz.com & Paul Urwin

So happy to be featured on this week’s ProZcom podcast where we share some tips on how to leverage the power of LinkedIn.

Specifically, we talk about why translators should use LinkedIn, how to leverage LinkedIn, how some of her clients are able to achieve a 900% increase in profile views, outbound vs. inbound and how to prospect without sounding salesy.

What do you think??

A must-listen for any translator or interpreter who wants to get the most out of this powerful platform.

Here is the link: https://anchor.fm/proz

You can also listen via most podcast streaming platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify, just search for ¨proz¨

This is what we discussed among others:
  • Why LinkedIn?
  • Why LinkedIn profile optimisation is so important?
  • How to connect with clients without being salesy or pushy ?
  • Which strategy I prefer more: inbound or outbound?
  • Why some translators are able to charge $0.28 their clients whereas others struggle to have $0.06 accepted?
  • Why mindset plays such an important role in that case?
  • How to be in charge of your leads, clients you grt thus your income & profit ?