LinkedIn Summer School: Leverage your LinkedIn Strategy in 4 weeks

Date: 06 August – 2 September 2022, Online

Title: LinkedIn Summer School: Leverage your LinkedIn Strategy in 4 weeks.

Build your authority by using proven LinkedIn Optimization Methods.


MODULE 1: Identify your Target Market and Ideal Client. 

You will gain a clear idea of who your Ideal Client is, the pains and problems they have, where to find them and how to contact them.

Includes: Ideal Client Avatar Worksheet

MODULE 2: Create your headline & USP Exercise

You’ll learn how to define your Unique Selling Proposition and create an attention-grabbing headline that positions you as the go-to expert.

Includes: USP Worksheet

MODULE 3: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

You will optimize your LinkedIn Profile so as to position yourself as the go-to expert and enable yourself to be found by your ideal clients.

Includes: LinkedIn Profile Optimization Worksheet

MODULE 4: Start contacting your clients and compiling your prospects list!

You will create all the messages you need to contact your ideal clients on LinkedIn based on professional templates (in a non-salesy way).

Learn my proven outbound lead generation approach and the tools you can use to automate this process on LinkedIn, the most powerful platform for generating B2B leads, clients, & sales.

Includes: Message templates – connection messages