VMentoring 6-week challenge

In this Challenge I intend to share with you a typical step-by-step mentoring sessions process I go through with my mentees. Of course, it's going to be a bit generic as it's not going to be personalised; but according to my experience the topics covered in this challenge apply to almost all starting out translators cases.
Here are some results my students have got following my LinkedIn proven process
Roberta Bossoni, Translator

Member of starting-out as a Translator & Mentoring for Translator Initiatives

Virginia was incredibly engaging and gave us a lot of useful tips. Her challenge was really inspiring and helped me to clear some aspects of my buseness up.

Michelle Ward, Translator

Member of starting-out as a Translator & Mentoring for Translator Initiatives

Virginia's "Starting out as a Translator" challenge has really given me so much confidence in my own abilities as a Translator and has now shown me how to enter the big wide world of business.

Justine Le Carrou, Translator

Member of starting-out as a Translator & Mentoring for Translator Initiatives

Thanks again for your work, patience and kindness, it really is precious when starting out!

Dalila Lopes Arrais, Translator

Member of starting-out as a Translator & Mentoring for Translator Initiatives

Virginia is very nice and willing to help. I thank her for sharing her experience with us and giving so many useful tips that can be put into practice immediately.

This program is for you if

You have just graduated and you need guidance on how to become a professional translator.

You have been a translator for 1-2 years but you do not know how to become specialized or how to select your niche.

You have been a translator for less than 3-4 years but you still struggle with getting clients and having a stable income.

You are an experienced translator with more than 5 years of experience but you want to enhance your marketing material, branding and strategy.

You have 10+ years of experience as a translator but you want to refresh your knowledge, marketing skills and branding.

How this program will benefit you

  • Clearly define short- and long-term SMART goals and the steps you need to take today to achieve them.
  • Define your target market beyond the job position – the AVATAR Ebook & Worksheet takes you through what makes them want to invest in and build a relationship with YOU
  • Find what sets YOU apart. Create a headline and Unique Selling Proposition that takes you from just another translator to one with a waiting list.
  • Write a CV that presents you as a high-value professional partner instead of just another vendor.
  • Create a cover letter that resonates with your clients and makes them trust you with their business.
  • Define a web strategy to both expand your word-of-mouth marketing and also reach prospects via multiple channels.
  • Create an online presence and LinkedIn profile that keep you top-of-mind in your niche.
  • Build a direct outreach strategy that keeps your pipeline consistently full and turns famine periods into a thing of the past.
  • Learn about networking in a way that feels natural, agenda-free, and consistently generates more translation clients.

What You’ll Learn on This Program…

  • SMART Goals, AVATAR, Niche
  • Target Market
  • Headline & USP
  • Drafting a Translator CV
  • Better an Email than a Cover Letter
  • Web Strategy & LinkedIn
  • Client Acquisition Strategies – Direct Outreach


  • The SMART Goals Ebook & Worksheet.
  • The AVATAR Ebook & Worksheet.
  • Direct Outreach Strategy Worksheet and work on your strategy step-by-step.
  • Headline & USP Ebook & Worksheet.
  • The Ultimate Professional CV Checklist.
  • Dynamic Words List for powerful sales language that communicates value
  • The Key Points PDF File for a CV that stands out
  • The Web Strategy Worksheet
  • Cover Letter Template


  • A video with action to be taken during each week is going to be shared every week for the next 6 weeks.
  • Then an email is going to be sent to those who have subscribed with the actions to be taken and the tools to be used. This is a self paced challenge and no feedback will be shared for your work.




Hi! I am Virginia, a certified English and French to Greek translator with more than 13 years of experience in law, finance, and aeronautics and defense. I hold an ΜA in translation and an executive MBA. As a certified translator and coach, I teach and practice translator mentoring methods. For my MBA dissertation, I conducted a qualitative research study on client acquisition strategies for language professionals and I am here to present some interesting results.

I am the creator of the Fully Booked Translator Formula & the Ultimate LinkedIn Prospecting System, the first comprehensive, results-oriented 1:1 & Group Business Mentoring Programs for Language Professionals. I have helped hundreds Freelance Translators worldwide to attract international clients and rapidly build their profitable business through my Mentoring Programs. Now I run two businesses: www.vtranslations.gr & www.vmentoring.com.

What led me to start mentoring translators?

  • Certified Translator with Business Background
  • Certified Translator since 2007
  • Translation Company since 2014
  • Certified Coach and MBA holder
  • Certified Life Coach (Expert Level) in 2016
  • The first voluntary mentoring program for translators in Greece in 2016
  • MBA in client acquisition strategies for language professionals in 2019
  • Public Speaker & Presenter
  • Mentoring For Translators & Starting -Out Translators Communities &  “Ask Your Mentor Anything” Weekly Live Sessions-Vidcast. #xl8mentoring

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